Sunday, July 18, 2010


Malachi and I signed up for a Community Supported Agriculture program last year and it just started a couple of weeks ago.  We get our produce through Threshing Table Farms.  The website now has recipes up, but last week it didn't.  And we got beets.  And I have never even eaten a beet before, much less prepared and cooked one!  So I went to trusty ole and used their ingredient search for beets.  We also got red potatoes, which I definitely have prepared before, because I love them.  But I wanted to try something at least a little new with them, so I went to allrecipes for them as well.

The chopped up beets.

The potatoes.

And I don't have a picture of the finished taters.  Mostly because I was starving at this point, but also because they just looked like potato spears, nothing special.  However, they did have a little kick of lemon in them because I used this recipe.

But back to the beets.  I made Beet Soup and although it just looks like pureed beets, it did have a little extra somethin' somethin'.  And was actually tasty.  A flavor I've never experienced before, but still delicious!

And I think Malachi was very happy with the meal his wife cooked for him.  (Cause let me tell you, it doesn't happen too often!)

Anyways, we already have our second installment of the CSA food, and we have more beets this week!  So I have more planning and learning to do!

But if any of you have the opportunity to join a CSA, I highly recommend it!


Angie S said...

wow i'm impressed lyndsey! that's a whole lot beets going on there. you will have to post some recipes from your creations! :)

Lyndsey said...

Thanks Angie! It's really pretty fun :) I just linked to the recipes on this blog, so if you click on where it says "beet soup" you can find the recipe. If you did make it, I would suggest maybe leaving some chunks in it. Because it turned out SUPER smooth, and I like to have some kind of texture to my soup! And the recipe calls for heavy cream on top of it, we obviously didnt do that because of Malachi's allergy, but I tried just a tad of sour cream with a bite of mine, and actually liked it better without. Anyways, I'm rambling. Hope your weekend is going well!

Taumi said...

You've never eaten a beet! That's terrible because I love them! I made this dip not long ago for crackers using beets and it was yummy. And beet soup is "borscht". Have fun cooking with them.

Lyndsey said...

Ya, but I've heard that borscht doesn't necessarily have to even have beets in some cases. And this one was very much beets and not much else, which I think borscht usually has more?