Friday, July 2, 2010

Lake Elmo State Park

On Tuesday after work we decided to take advantage of this recent awesome weather, and go for a nice long walk, 4 lovely miles at Lake Elmo.

The pups like to walk up against eachother, its adorable.

But it's adorable this way too.

Me and Dylan, taking a break to let a horse and rider pass by.

Sick of dog photos yet?  Okay, here's a landscape shot.  It is very beautiful there.

Malachi was playing Dylan like a guitar

We were there around dusk, so the wild life was very active.  At one point a deer ran acros the path in front of us and not far behind, a coyote raced after her.

Here was one of the deer.

And when she decided she didn't trust us...

I love you, summer sunshine!

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