Monday, August 23, 2010

Stillwater Date

We've decided, for date nights, to dedicate a night to a town.  We've lived around this area for most of our lives and have never walked around Stillwater before.  I know, I know.  That is almost a sin.  So we decided to fix that!

Stillwater is such a cool little town, and we didn't even venture off of the main road.  It has quirky little new shops, candy and ice cream shops, old antique shops, bookstores and a co-op that we didn't know about (that was especially exciting)!

The buildings are all old and beautiful and many of them are covered in vines.

If I'm ever feeling in the mood to spend too much money on beautiful fabric, I'll head on over to Darn Knit.

This was just in a window of an antique shop!

This was all in some stationary/ribbon/ice cream/pastry shop.

At the Christmas store.  I want to head back there in a few months!

We used our Co-op gift card (a bridal shower gift from my boss) for some smoothies and a couple groceries.

These smoothies were a blackberry speck disaster in our teeth afterwards.

Ya, I don't know.

Do you see something strange in this picture?

Here, I'll zoom in.  Is this something for luck?  Or what?

Our purchases from the co-op, some random gift store and a spice store.

Yes, that says Minnesalsa!

Then we ate at The Kitchen.

It was a pretty place to sit in the back of the restaraunt.  Despite the huge spider on our table.

And the food wasn't bad.  Not an ideal restaraunt for vegetarians however.

The next time we go, I want to hit up this tiny little jewelry shop that looks like a castle and Malachi wants to check out the caves.  Alot of the stores were closing at the end of our walk, so we missed out on a few.  Anyways, it was an exceptionally fun night and I hope the next towns we explore treat us just as well!


Taumi said...

Wow, some great finds. And I am so mad at you for not buying that Plunge in Kuaui sign! Too perfect!

Vanessa said...

What a cool, neat town... That bag with pennies in it over the door just makes me scratch my head. And I second Taumi's sentiment - I can't believe you didn't buy that sign!!!

Mike said...

That bag of water is there to keep bugs away.