Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yup, I seem to of just helped myself to a little vacation from blogging.  But, since I'm a bit under the weather today, and have barely left the couch, I decided to catch you up a little on the happenings around here.

Malachi talked me into going rollerblading the other day.  I get a little hesitant on sidewalks and roads because of those random rocks and sticks lying around.

We actually live right by a bike trail, which was nicely marked for potholes and such.

Malachi is actually skating backwards here, the photo didn't really capture that.

My favorite part was that he held my hand most of the time. 


Taumi said...

cute. I havn't been rollerbladin in forever! sounds fun.

Vanessa said...

Very talented - rollerblading while taking pictures. No wonder you were afraid of not seeing rocks and sticks, haha!