Saturday, September 11, 2010


Pre 9/11


Waking up in College Place, WA.  I hadn't yet started my first year of college.  I was just a week into living in my new apartment, first time out on my own, had a new roommate who I didn't really know, hadn't yet started my new job.  I wasn't even awake yet that day.  And then the phone rang.

I remember watching the news more then, than all the rest of my life in total.  I remember watching our president give us words of encouragement and of action.  I remember everyone being on the same page and being proud.  I remember crafting out letters and stars and white christmas lights that we hung in our front window, "God Bless America".  And I remember all of the flags in every store were sold out, because I remember every house/store/car decorated with red and white and blue.

But I feel so blessed that I don't have to remember the death of one of my own loved ones on this day.  So so blessed.  And so I think, today, of all those who did lose a loved one 9 years ago today.

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Vanessa said...

Mmm... yes, a solemn reminder of so many different things...