Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm joining in on Lauren's fill in the blank friday again, I tend to get around to it on saturday mornings however...

1. If I didn't have to work anymore I would
Travel the globe and write a vegan travel book.
Have a clean house.

2. My favorite thing about a vacation is
Seeing and learning things that never occurred to me before.
Low stress, and equal parts high fun and high relaxation.

3. When packing for a trip I
Lay all of my clothes out on the floor in outfits (shoes, underwear and jewelry even), and have them there for about a week, unable to decide which ones I actually want to take. Of course, this always makes for an incredibly exciting playground for my dogs and then I usually end up doing an extra load of laundry. Oh, and I seem to take too much, I'm indecisive.

4. If I could go on a road trip with anyone (dead OR alive) I would choose
All of my closest friends! A road trip with a celebrity would probably make me want to kill myself, so that seems like a poor choice.
I already know that I like you guys!
And we would go...
Well, I recently heard about this guy who walked around the world. My response to that was that he couldn't have walked the entire way unless he was on a treadmill on the boat or plane that was carrying him overseas. Or unless he 'walked around the world' just walking around one of the poles. Regardless, if he can walk around the world, then we can have a road trip to anywhere, so lets hit up a bit of europe, shall we?

5. My top 3 absolute travel essentials are
My camera
Pen and Paper
and books or magazines or ipod...something to entertain me a little

6. Vacations are
Amazing. Can you imagine if there was no such thing? I imagine that as a dark, industrial, jail sort of world. Ick. Bring me the sunny beaches with palm trees, I need my vacations!
7. On vacation you must always
Try new things
Splurge a little somewhere
Venture off the beaten path
Not be afraid to be a tourist
And eat :)


And now for a few pictures from a personal favorite vacay.


Vanessa said...

Ah, vacations. Good answers :)

Taumi said...

Who would want to take a road trip with a celeb? Sounds waaay too risky to me.

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