Sunday, September 12, 2010

St. Paul Classic Bike Tour

This morning we woke up before the sun and traveled into St. Paul for the Classic!

Don't you just love that sea of helmets?

We went with Malachi's parents.

Malachi and his dad

His mom

Haters can hate, but fanny packs rule.

There were several bike creations around.  Like this fish:

Or this guys tiger bike

This guy made some sort of cross trainer which is a little too much exercise in my opinion.

And then there was this little double seater, with room for their dog!

Ready?  Let's Go!!

It was really cold at first.  The first 5 or so miles were in the shade and I was fearing for the safety of my fingers and my ears.  But somehow we all made it through without injury.

Summit Hill just about killed me, but I got a button for conquering it!  But I was one of the walkers, I made it a small portion of the way up, but it's a looong and steeeep hill.  Malachi made it up in record speed I think, he and his dad actually rode all the way to the top.  Julie and I were the smart ones, haha.  Just walking up that hill was exhausting!

It was 15 miles total (the other options were 9 miles or 30 miles).  And it was alot of fun, and a perfect day for it.  But I'm so sleepy now.  I need my sunday sleep in time!  So I may try to take a nap now.  Hope you all have lovely weeks ahead!


Vanessa said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa... you did this TODAY? You probably finished before I even woke up, haha! I really admire you guys.

And again, I must applaud your picture-taking-while-on-wheels skills!

Taumi said...

Look at you, all cute with your fanny pack! It's ok if they are worn by cute girls. lol

I've biked 26 miles at once before and it hurts the vajayjay after. I think I was bruised. How do men do it? Sounds like fun and I don't blame you for walking that monstrous hill.