Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Decorations

This year is the first year I've decorated 2 homes!  See, my mom and I made an agreement that I could get married as long as I still come home every year and decorate my parent's house for Christmas :)

So let's start with my mom and dad's house:

First we have the most important part, the tree!!

We went for a "Grinch" theme this year, and we are still in the process of finding a few more Grinchy things.  But we like the color scheme for it all :)

Next, the stockings...

All they need is Mr. Grinch himself to lurk around somewhere.

Next is the table, my mom did this part.  I really like it.

The table, it needs some more work, we are keeping our eyes and ears open for what more to do with it.

Cute little snowmen by their hawaiian candle fire :)

Yours truly,

And then lets hop across the border (the MN-WI border that is) and look at my humble abode!

I'm a bit limited on what I own for decorations, but I have a christmas blanket for the couch...

And my mom gave us 2 stockings that she bought about the time that I was born.  I love these stockings!  I hung them on the bar, because we don't have a mantel or railing on the stairs or anything to really hang them on!  Otherwise, the counter has christmas lights, that wreath stuff and a cranberry chain across it.  And I bought those cute little reindeer stocking holders at target.

...I just need 2 more for the mutts' stockings (yes, the dogs have their own stockings, we are those people)

Next up is our dining room table.  The pinecone candles were wedding gift from a patient, the berries are borrowed from my mom, the runner is new, and I made the feathery trees out guessed it, feathers!  And cones from the craft store.  Just don't look too closely, I havent found anything for the top.

Next up is our christmas tree.  Borrowed from my mom's work.  With the most random assortment of ornaments.  I don't even know.
Also, my bowl of christmas lights (yet another use for my amazing wooden bowl, that bowl is a treasure I tell you)

And our two presents so far!  (and not even for us, one is for Jeremy, the other for my family)

Our other christmas tree, also borrowed from my mom's work, and a stocking dish for old halloween candy.

then a little gold runner with the nutcracker and his story on one side, with our christmas card on the other (Thanks Vliets!....who I'm sure don't even know this blog exists).  When I get more cards (hopefully I do, I guess I have no reason to believe I will get many), I plan to hang them on the wall somewhere.

And last but not least (well, we hung lights in our windows, but no pictures, sorry), our fireplace with our two little dears.

Cutie patooties!

Show me how you have decorated!  Post the pictures on your blogs and let me know!  Or just e-mail ( me your pictures and I will post them on here so everyone can admire!

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Taumi said...

It's nice to see someone use tinsel garland and it look nice. Love your bowl of big lights. It makes me sad that you don't have a full blown tree in your apt. though. Nice job Lynds. I gotta get around to taking pics of mine and then try to blog them from Stephen's computer. Mine is dead.forever.