Friday, August 31, 2007

Lyndsey + Dallas Cowboys = Forever

Yesterday my dad and I went to the Cowboys-Vikings game.

And even though we lost, it was still alot of fun My dad got the tickets online and a long story short, we got them the day before, with much struggle. And these were our seats!

We played with our worst players, as is the way on the last preseason game. And I hope that the quarterback that played for most of the game, Moore (though I'm not sure on the spelling), was sent packing. I could throw better than him!

(and those weren't really our seats, but close!)


Taumi said...

I thought those were really your seats and I thought, "I can't believe they even put seats there!"

I went to a cowboys game once. They won in the last five minutes. It was awesome.

vmc said...

Haha, I agree with Taumi...I can't believe they'd put a seat there! It's so ridiculous it's funny. And sorry the Cowboys lost - oh, wait, no I'm not!