Monday, August 27, 2007

This past week has been alot of fun. Tuesday brought with it a hair cut!

The poll (100% with 5 votes) told me to do this -->

Wednesday, Malachi, Jonny, Alyssa and I had a mixed-cultural night. We made and ate sushi and then went to the Omnimax to watch "Greece".

Friday was national Malachi and Lyndsey Day O' Fun! We spent the day shopping at every mall in the state of Minnesota, eating yummy pizza, and watching Blood Diamond. The movie was really depressing, as most movies about life in Africa are.
Saturday my parents and I went to the Hudson church. Pretty durn small. The service is in the basement of an empty house, but it was good. It's nice going to a church where everyone lives around you. Then mom and I took the puppies out to Willow River for their first actual walk. I kept hoping nobody (especially kids) would say "oh look! Puppies! Can I pet them?" Because these are puppies that are not used to so many people, and let me tell you, they will attack. And then we will be sued. And our walk would be ruined.

On Sunday, Malachi, Jonny, Alyssa and I went to the Renaissance festival. I'd never been before. Alot of the people are a bit...vulgar. For example, if you pay a dollar, you can look up this turtle's kilt to see if it's a girl or a boy.

But it's alot of fun. It's a whole experience that you cant just get anywhere. Though, I still don't get the whole renaissance-theme for weddings. Anyways, my favorite part was the jousting.

This was our knight (each seating section had a knight), Sir William Dudley. He kicked everyone's butt.

We also watched, well, actually I dont know what it is called. Basically it is a bunch of burly men in kilts throwing 56 lbs over their heads.

When we were trying to find a dancing competition on the map, this woman asked Alyssa if she could play with Alyssa's hair. And so she did.

The games were all pretty entertaining.

Fare thee well!


Barbara said...

Your hair looks awesome!
When I saw the giant Chess board, envy stirred within me as I remembered an old, unfulfilled dream of playing human chess. I just need paint and 31 other willing players.
I am amazingly nerdy.

vmc said...

Wow - so much to take in. First off - LOVE THE HAIR! Too darn cute. Second off - completely jealous that you get to live near friends again. Third off - my favorite picture is the turtle in the kilt.

Keep the great blogs coming!

Miriam said...

dang, you have the funnest life ever. not fair!