Sunday, November 18, 2007

Caribou Coffee

Malachi and I have been traveling to different coffee shops at semi-half way points between our two houses. It gives him a chance to study, and me a chance to read (when we arent talking) while being with eachother. And we have been documenting the pros and cons of each place which has been fun. Caribou generally gets good ratings because it has comfy seating, fireplaces and good coffee. But on top of it all, we went to caribou yesterday and I fell in love with the ottomans! They were just so cute!


vmc said...

hahaha, they are sooooooo cute! i want one! no - two! do you have a handbag big enough to fit one in?

Taumi said...

Those really are too-cute footstools. They would be prefect in a lodge style home by the fire.