Sunday, November 18, 2007

A little about my day

So you all are well aware that I have two puppies. You are not aware, however, of their issues. Daisy is on speed. I don't know where she gets it, but there is no other explanation for her energy level ALL OF THE TIME. Dylan is obese. He's lazy, and as stated in an earlier blog, he eats everything in sight. So I've started taking them on walks. I figure it will help get some of Daisy's energy out and some of Dylan's fat off. Today it was pretty cold though. So my mom took one of her socks and cut three holes in it, and voila!

She is so tiny. There is no way you could fit a sock over Chubbs (Dylan), but his fat keeps him plenty warm.

Today I started back at my scrapbooks! I started two of them while in Tulsa. One is of the pups (I am pretty much done with that one), and one is of my entire last year of PT school. It's gonna be a beast of a scrapbook. This is basically me saying, I'm (finally) getting back to my crafts. It's been so long!


vmc said...

that sock is such a great frock! hahaha! i can't wait to see d and d when i visit over christmas break. and i can't wait to see your scrapbooks! it's great that you can finally get back to having a life, haha!

Anonymous said...

Love the sock darling, Vanessa you left the most excited comment i have ever read.