Sunday, November 25, 2007

Minnesota Zoo

On Saturday Malachi and I went to the MN Zoo. It has been sooo long since I was there. In fact, the last time I was there I was taking the preschoolers on a field trip. And I remember we had them all on leashes. Haha, poor kids. Anyways, most of the zoo was closed due to it being freaking cold outside.

This is a Sun Bear, I loved him and how he looked like a cartoon drawing. Such a cute little face.
I don't remember what these two bird critters are called, but that little one is so cute! He's like a grumpy little old man.

Unfortunately, it was hard to get a good clear picture of the little guy.
This Gibbon was running all over the place. Malachi thinks he's a stud.

The Pufferfish were pretty cool to watch. They swim with their mouth open, which looks weird.

Here's a pretty bird that I forgot the name of. I was observing how the birds are free to fly all around and I told Malachi that the bird could fly right at him and peck at him. Right after I said that, this bird flew right at me. About a foot and a half from my head, but it freaked me out since I had just been mentally picturing the bird attacking Malachi.

Here's Warty Wartmeister. He is doing his Tyra Banks pose. I think he did a good job.

Here is an adorable Red Panda. I loved him as well.
Below is a sillouette of a Fishing Cat. I took this picture the second time we walked through the zoo (since 75% of the zoo was closed, we did a couple rounds of the 25% we could see). Anyways, the first time we walked through all 3 of the Fishing Cats were hunting in the water in their cage. They were all looking in the water and jabbing at it with their paws and we thought they were properly named, seeing as that is what they were doing. Then we noticed that there were no fish in the water, and the once happy and entertaining sight, was suddenly depressing. Poor cats.

Oh, and that sunset is much more impressive in the photo than in real life, considering it is a picture on the wall. Then we went on the Minnesota Trail, which starts out in a nice cabin like room with a fireplace, and quickly turns into the freaking cold outdoors with no promises of a quick return to warmth.

So basically, the MN trail is where you get to see Minnesota animals. So I didnt take pictures of most of the animals, being that I'm not that interested in Raccoons. But some of the animals were cool, like this Gray Wolf.

And this Bald Eagle. Malachi was sad for this Eagle, because it cant really do anything in its little cage.

And then we went to the gift shop where I became a wolf,

And I realized that Malachi is from the Planet of the Apes.


Taumi said...

Wow, I have never seen so many animals at the MN zoo.

Going back to what you said about your photography passion on my blog; I think you should definitely put together some books on like (I am using this bookmaking software site for a cookbook). Anyway, then I could buy your books after you make them right off the site!

vmc said...

Cool! My favorite part of your blog was the sunset actually being a picture on the wall, hahahaha! And I did think it was real until I read that!

Miriam said...

looks like a great time!