Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hollidazzle Parade

So we went to the Hollidazzle Parade and it was COLD!!!
But Malachi and I used our new thermoses that promise to keep their innards warm for 24 hours. And we were both dumb and burned our tongues immediately on hot apple cider. But then we knew to let it cool in the cups and so we shared with everyone else.
I almost only got pictures of the scarier characters for some reason...

This is my only 'good' picture from the parade

These were the only things in the parade that were NOT lit up, and ironically they were light bulbs! And more ironically, they are sponsored by Excel Energy.
Then we walked to Macy's and saw their Nutcracker exhibit. It was kinda weird, but I liked the candy world room at the end. It was like a winter wonderland.

Lastly...puppies first snow! Daisy nearly died. She got so cold her feet stopped working and she couldnt move so she just sat down to die. I ran out there and scooped the poor baby up. The cold doesnt seem to phase Dylan though.


vmc said...

Where do I even begin with this blog? Your blog main title doesn't lie - this one really was fantastic! I, too, would be in ultra-holiday spirits if I had Holidazzle Parades and Nutcracker exhibits and puppies in snow to enjoy! And speaking of puppies, I know you told me that Dylan was a lot bigger than Daisy, but MAN! He's a monster and she's a little mini-marshmallow! Ahaha, they're soo cute! Oh, and I think it's really funny that you got photos of all of the scary floats. What's up with those, anyway??? :) And that light bulb float was funny, too, hehe.

Taumi said...

Oooh, love that last picture of the snow falling and also the dancing pigs! And what kind of parade and exhibit would have such scary, unchristmasy stuff like this? It looked more like a Haloween parade and a horror exhibit with that rat standing over the nutcracker with a sword. Don't people want to reverse the desensitizing of their children?