Sunday, December 30, 2007

The last 2007 post

Sorry it's been a while! I've been busy with christmas and work and play. First I have to say a congratulations to Miriam and Ted! I want to hear all about it as soon as your life settles down a little!

I know, this is overdue, but here is our tree, it's not too elaborate. And we didnt really decorate anything else.

Our family got the game Clue (the DVD edition) for christmas and we played for hours and hours and hours. Seriously about 8 hours on christmas day alone, and we've played every day since except for today.
By the way... my hair is really really short.
And for the never ending puppy updates! Here is Daisy carrying a marshmallow and Dylan playing in the snow.

Happy New Years everyone! What are your resolutions?


Taumi said...

That Clue DVD version sounds fun! I want to see a closer picture of your haircut! One of these days I am going to cut my hair short again.

Resolutions? I want to paint every week, read the Bible through this year, and get all our debt paid off. How about yours?

Miriam said...

cute hair:)
thank you so much for your gift! It was so thoughtful and creatively put together - especially the addition of the pop rocks:) It was very generous of you! You will be receiving a nice thank-you card soon to make this thanking process a bit more formal than blogger... it was very much appreciated!