Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hi all. I was driving home from who-knows-where the other day, and I heard them saying on the radio what they learned from God the past year. So I pose the question to you guys and ask, what has God shown you in 2007?
Personally, God has really beat the nail in that He comes through. I have put my trust in Him for so many things this year, especially in the past 6 months (the board exams for example) and He has helped me to find peace and He has shown me to trust Him. Which for me, has always been difficult.
And now for the pictures! It was soooooo great to have Vanessa and Ryan here. I wish I could have kept them. On their last day here we met Jonny and Alyssa at Cafe Latte in St. Paul and had lunch (and I ordered a cup of hot milk...).
Then Vanessa, Ryan and I went to the Walker Art Center and "admired" the "art". And we also took our picture in front of our house:
On sunday Malachi was here and the weather was warm (40ish)...perfect time to play in the snow!
We made the biggest snow ball ever. And I believe it weighed 80 tons.
Daisy and Dylan were jealous and wanted to come out and play with us.
And what better to make with and big heavy snowball than an elephant!
And what better to do with a big pile of snow thats shaped like an elephant than to jump off of it!

And to answer your questions Taumi, I dont really have a good picture of my short hair, I'll work on it, but I never fix my hair for work, so it will have to be a weekend. And my New Years resolutions are as follows:

  • Go to church at least once a month (I've been pretty bad at this because I'm an hour away from the church that I like to go to)
  • Finish my scrapbook of my year of traveling
  • Take at least half of the pictures on my list (of pictures to take)


vmc said...

I love the Snow Elephant! And isn't our giant house so great? :)

Taumi said...

Love the Elephant! Is it Miss Bessie's Friend?

I am very interested in hearing some of the things on your "to take photos of" list. Can you share?

Miriam said...

ummm... need it be said? snow elephants rock.