Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bible Study

(me, Sarah, Molly, Stacie, Courtney, Joy)

These are the gals in my bible study, well, almost. The one on the far right, Joy, isnt in the bible study and then there is one girl who couldnt make it that night, Kaley. Speaking of that night...we all got humungo ice cream cones. They were "child size" and they were sooo huge! You should have seen the lumberjack! Anyways, then we walked down to the river and sat at a picnic table. While we were sitting and talking, two guys came up to our table.
"Hi, we are missionaries. Are you guys christian?" And then they went on to give their speech about how they are from the church of Latter Day Saints and how they have something better than the bible. They asked if we had any questions and Courtney said, "Well, we are actually a bible study group, so we are probably the wrong people to talk to." The guys gave us their card and skidaddled. As SOON as they left, this woman sat at the other side of our table and somehow managed to slur out "Are you girls christians?" I was thinking by this point, 'what? do we have a huge glowing halo around our picnic table?' But that began a 30 to 45 minute conversation about God with a drunk woman who most likely wont remember anything from that night. But it was...interesting, to say the least!


vmc said...

A Jehova's Witness came to our door a couple of weeks ago, and we literally had just been talking about JW's (long story). The lady was really nice - really old and really cute, speaking limited English, so we just let her give her spiel. But then I asked if we could pray with them...I asked on purpose, because Ryan and I had been talking earlier about how JW's don't believe in praying with non-JW's...and yup, they skidaddled (as you put it!) right away. Anyway, that's really funny that people kept assuming you were guys really must have had a huge neon halo or something, hahaha! And yeah, those ice cream cones do NOT look kiddie size!

lyndsey said...

Ah yes, Jehovas Witnesses, thats what they were. I knew Mormon wasnt right, and I know the difference, but I wrote that at 7 this morning and I couldnt think of the write name so I said screw it and made myself a fool.