Thursday, June 5, 2008

Medicine Lake

On saturday Malachi and I went to a park to lay on a blanket and read.

Ahh, bliss.

However, when we were driving through the park, trying to find a place to park, we were coming up behind this woman walking on the sidewalk in front of us. It looked as though she was wearing a backpack backwards, a frontpack? Anyways, this caused a little curiosity in both of us, as we drove past her we both turned to look and see if she did in fact have her backpack on backwards. Which really, would be nowhere as interesting as what we actually did see.

She had a bird, on a branch, on her belly. Yes, she was walking her pet bird. This picture isnt really of her, as this picture obviously shows a fake bird in the cage, but this is the product she was using.

Seriously? Walking your bird?


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Taumi said...

hehe, I would do it. I tried to walk my cat once.