Monday, July 7, 2008


Despite having to work this weekend (with bloody exploding women and crazed alcoholics) I found time for some play. On friday night I went with Malachi and his parents to watch fireworks from his mom's work building in downtown minneapolis.

On saturday I went to the Hudson Parade with my parents. My dad said that the Hudson band was embarrassingly bad, but I thought they at least looked the best.

Go Raiders! (I think thats what Hudson's team is). But why do I care? I live in New Richmond, so here I am in front of the New Richmond float.

And then here I am with a creepy clown.

Saturday night I met up with Malachi and his parents again and we went to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater and watched 42nd St.

It makes me want to tap dance and pull out my spirit fingers.

And here is my new favorite picture:

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Taumi said...

So many cute clothes in these pics. Love the shirt with the threaded tie about the neck. Love what I see of the purple thing that you wore to 42nd street, which my goodness, you have been to see a lot of awesome things of late! So jealous! I may get to see the Pajama Game when it comes to Lincoln next spring! I love the songs in that one. Especially the once that I blogged with Doris Day.