Monday, July 7, 2008

Twin Cities Luxury Home Tour

A couple of weeks ago I went to a few ritzy houses and took a few pictures.

This was a cute little door to a play room that was between a nursery and a little girl's room.

Here is some cool tile. I'm not a fan of the black dots, but the tile was curvy, which I thought was cool.

I like this new trend of textured wallpaper. There is alot of velvetty flower shapes and stuff like that, but this was really cool. It was a leather looking material with lots of knots. It was very fitting for the office that it was in.

Here's Malachi in our 3 season porch with slideable screens.

One thing that was in a couple different houses were ipods in the walls. One house had them in nearly every room and another house had them 'just' in all of the bathrooms.

I am going to make this box.

Here's my dad looking out my balcony at my pool.

I've always thought that a fireplace by a tub is a nice idea, but first of all I dont like that you can see through it to the bedroom. Second of all, I already get too hot when I take a bath, so I would never use a fireplace!

I really liked how they have light fixtures directly on the bathroom mirrors. I also liked how this one had a window surrounded by the bathroom mirror.

This was a bookshelf/secret door.

This was the laundry room/dog bath room. My dogs will never be so lucky. But I think they are happy about that.

A trickling waterfall.

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Taumi said...

Why do the rich houses have to be so plain jane...bring on the color people!