Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Minnesota State Fair!

Last weekend we hit up the fair. Perfect weather for the fair (high 70's) but not perfect weather for this time of year. What in the world! Spring didnt start until June and now fall is here? Man this really irks me! But anyways, the fair was a good time. We actually spent 7 hours there, and I'm not sure how. It didnt seem like we did that much.
Well, I was brave this year and I tried a deep fried snickers bar on a stick. I didnt really care for it. It's too sweet for me. Like a chocolatey donut on a stick covered in powdered sugar (which I was seriously covered in after 2 bites). I ended up throwing it away after a few bites.

Someday Malachi is going to win this dog for me.

Instead he played this very hard game and actually WON! FIRST TRY! I was so impressed.

He won a Moose for me!

I played a much easier game and won a cute puppy.

Of course we had to see the horses!

We rested our feet in the colloseum while the cow shows were going on.

This unfortunate cow had some massive udders. This picture in no way does justice to the size of these udders. I mean, this cow couldnt even walk normal!

Needless to say, we were thoroughly entertained by the cow shows...

Below are "Austrailian Potatoes". They were nasty. They tasted like a big pile of batter. We threw them away.

However, what WAS really delicious, were the pretzels! I am in the mood for another one right now.

The main reason I wanted to go was to see the 3D sidewalk chalk drawings. But they were pretty unimpressive. And the shadows over the drawings made it near impossible to see.

This poor guy had to know that we were taking his picture, because we took several of him. We just liked his T-shirt.

And we ended our day with a ride on the sky glider.

Oh, and when I got home, both of my dogs snuggled up to the dog I won and slept for about an hour. What cuties.


vmc said...

haha, definitely worth taking the picture of that guy's shirt!

Taumi said...

Mmmm, pretzels!

vmc said...

yay, you're the first one to notice that new section on my blog, hahaha! :) and i really like your little profile picture! by the way, i am a follower of you, so if you add that gadget to your blog, i should pop up right away :)