Sunday, August 24, 2008

Camping - the sequel

We went camping again, this time with the puppies.
For some reason, my computer wont let me rearrange the pictures right now. So they are not very organized. But, its mostly of the pups anyways.
Here I am with my tiny little dog.

This is what Dylan did most of the time. He was so overwhelmed and stressed out that he just gave up on life for a while it seemed.

Daisy didnt mind nearly as much.

Here is Malachi with my tiny puppy.

Here I am with my chunky puppy. (He's lost weight and isnt as chunky as he used to be, but he is still referred to as the fat one).

All tuckered out.

Hiding in the tent.

Crazy mushroom #1

Crazy Mushroom #2


vmc said...

What a great blog...thanks for sharing those crazy mushrooms with us. Your dogs are just too cute...I can't believe how big Dylan is. Are you sure he's a chihauhua (sp?), hehe?

Taumi said...

Sometimes we get crazy mushrooms growing in our yard. I even have a picture of them growing in a big circle! Just an outline too. And all these cute doggy pics make me want a chi-wa-wa! I tried to spell it too (like Vaness) and couldn't figure it out so I made it out it should be.