Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nik's Wedding (and the long car ride)

So Nik got hitched! The first one out of all of us group kids. Angie and he got married in Walla Walla, WA. So it was kinda nice to go back to my old stomping grounds. I remember moving out there in august 2001. And my first impression? How incredibly brown it is!

We went to my old apartment, which apparently is now a christian counseling center.
I also got to see Barb and Juan for a couple of short visits. Short but great. Sometimes you know you miss someone, but you forget just how very much you missed them until you get to see them again.

There was a new food joint in town, and I got to reminisce of good eats in Palm Springs with my fish taco!

Isn't my mom cute?

And here is my favorite (at least in design) coffee shop I've ever been to, Coffee Perk!

The preschool I used to work at. The playground on the left is where they would make me stand outside for hours at a time in the freezing cold weather to supervise each shift of preschoolers going outside. Oh the memories.

And here's my dad and I in front of the cool gym that I took ballet in.

This is the house that the Campanello's stayed in for the weekend. The reason I put it on my blog is because I thought it was cool how the stained glass window on the left is of the house. I dont know if you can tell by the picture, but it helps if you look at the shape of the porch.

My mom and I on our way to the wedding...

Malachi and I at the wedding.

The happy couple!!

Malachi is giving me the thumbs up for something to do with decorating the car. And Nik is being Nik.

The parents of the groom.

The parents of me!

Paul, giving his best man speech.

Which turned into making my dad stand while we all sang happy birthday to him!

We snuck away for a few minutes to do our damage...

The sea horse pool toy was a hit with everyone except the bride and groom.

My cute parents again.
Oh, and I caught the bouquet!

The trip there and back was long. But I'll try not to complain, because its truly nothing compared to what Vanessa and Ryan do! But I managed to keep myself entertained with taking pictures.

This was a freaking huge castle-house in the middle of NOWHERE.
We stopped in the panhandle of Idaho (which is truly beautiful). To take pictures and see if the mountain water was as cold as Lake Superior.

It was no contest. Lake Superior is much colder.

Not terribly tall, but it sure did take a long time to cross!

We saw a moose. But the pictures are bad. In the very middle of this picture there is a black area. Thats her.
And zooming in...

The Rockies.


Taumi said...

Love your dress! And man Lyndsey, what a big purse for such a tiny you! When I carry big bags people always tease me so I thought I'd pass it on. Your mom is so cute! And wow, that castle really is in the middle of no where! Nice Del Taco vase for that bouquet. Beautiful landscape shots. (These were my thoughts as I looked at this enormous blog!).

vmc said...

Lynds, I can't believe you caught the bouquet! And you said it so nonchalantly, too - "Oh, and I caught the bouquet" - hehehe. Remember what we talked about earlier this summer - make sure you pick somewhere good! ;) You and your family are so cute, and tell your mom that she's lookin' good! It's great that you got to see Barb again...I know exactly what you mean about not realizing how much you miss someone until you're with them again! Oh, and I think it's hilarious that your old apartment got turned into a counseling center, hahahaha!