Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chihuahua Adventures

On Labor Day, also known as the last day before the sudden 30 some degree drop in temperature, Malachi and I took the pups for a jaunt out at Willow River State Park.

We went on a different path this time which turned out to be much more rustic than the others. So the dogs had fun leaping over logs.

However, all that jumping tuckered out the little guys and when we headed back they went straight for the cool river water.
And layed down.

I was pleasantly suprised that they liked the water so much. They had no hesitation about walking right in and they went as far out as their leashed would allow.

They sure were tired by the end though.

And wet.


vmc said...

i love how these dogs are like your children. and i love to hear about them as though they were your actual children :) i really like that pic of dylan jumping over the log, and it's so funny that he just laid down in the water...

and, i want to say that the word verification for this message is "pdarp."

Taumi said...

How cute is that last picture! I love taking dogs for long jaunts through the woods and water! So refreshing. They are so innocently happy about it all.