Monday, September 8, 2008


I've been so busy lately that I've forgotten to complain about how ridiculously cold it is here. Yes, a high of 65 degrees today. And this is no new occurance. 7th day in a row that it has been cold. With no hope in sight. I walked my dogs today. In pants and a sweatshirt. And was cold!

Anyways as long as I am in a complaining mood. Which I am (mostly due to work). I will show a picture that I took of my lunch on friday. I ordered a meal at McDonalds. I'm never satisfied with food I get from there, but sometimes, when you have a limited amount of time to eat, a drive-thru is the way to go. So anyways, here is the picture of my lunch. This is exactly how it appeared when I opened up the box.

Yes, it was the chicken and then a pickle slice and a half. Not even mayo! Though, it appears they put some butter on the bun?


vmc said...

how FUNNY! the best part is that you took a close-up shot of the scantily-pickled bun.

I want more "whine" blogs, this was great! :)

Taumi said...

hahahaha! I agree, whine away!

And it's funny how we think it's so cold when it's 65 in Fall but so warm in spring at the same temp. I am cold too!

vmc said...

i see that i'm finally a follower! :)

Miriam said...