Wednesday, October 1, 2008


On Saturday, Malachi and I traveled way out to the Dells for the Cranberry Festival. It's apparently a big deal. But its just your basic fall festival. The thing is, this area of the world that I call home doesnt have basic fall festivals (unless you count pumpkins and quilts in downtown st.paul a fall festival) so you have to drive hours to find one. Which makes it the big deal that it is. I ate their famous Cheesecake on a stick and it was DEE-lish!
Malachi enjoyed a gyro.

I bought this flipping cute potpourri. It's miniature pumpkins! It doesnt smell that great, but it's cute!
And then I bought this awesome wood stump of a bowl. I love it. And those gords? All from our garden!
I did not buy this, but its an eagle made from ANTLERS. Kind of disturbing.

When the day was over, Malachi's car broke. I'll try to make a long story short. He had his oil changed the day before. THE DAY before. On his way home, his car is out of oil. We are talking bone dry. Turns out the oil changer man did not tighten something well, causing all the oil to leak out and ruin his engine. Valvoline admitted their mistake (thank goodness) and have rented him a car and are getting him a new engine. I'm just glad they realized it was their mistake.

While Malachi was working on his car, I was playing with balance and magnetism.


vmc said... make me laugh. balance and magnetism...

I've never had cheesecake on a stick, and now I feel like I've never really lived. That wood bowl is cool, and so are the gourds :) Keep the fall blogs coming...I need to experience autumn vicariously through somebody! (Today is supposed to be the last day of three-digit temps, thank goodness!)

Taumi said...

I think you will eat anything on a stick! Love the necklace. Good show of support to Malachi while he was rolling around under his car! hehe

Last day of three digit temps, my ass, grumble grumble! Sorry, that just popped out.

vmc said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! (Taumi, I'm laughing so hard right now at your comment!)