Wednesday, October 1, 2008


A week or two ago I was housesitting at a house in Troy Burn (the rizty part of Hudson). It was interesting. I'll just say that.
Anyways, this is the dog I was caring for at the house.

This is me, pretty unimpressed with the trail at this place. It was very short. It was a sidewalk around a little playground.
This is my cute brown-eyed boy.
We are such rebels, it makes me sick.


vmc said...

Really? They put up a one-way sign on a walking path? Really? Some people have too much time for complaining. ("You know, I am just fed up with having to pass people on the trail going the opposite direction during my morning speed walks. We need to take some kind of action. All this eye contact is really just too much...")

Taumi said...

Love those last two pics. I miss you. =(