Monday, October 27, 2008

So, I think I tried to kill myself this weekend. I started it off by dousing my hand in hydrochloric acid before reading the bottle that said "Poison!" and "Causes severe burns that may not hurt immediately". So I proceed to run my painfree hands under water for 15 minutes, periodically rubbing stuff on them that I think might help, all while I'm freaking out about how much I will miss my hand after it burns away. And wondering when I actually should be feeling pain?

Then, yesterday while watching the game (go cowboys!) I reinact a commercial for my dad which involves me spazzing out. This immediately results in a bit of a headache. By that night I had a significant headache on the entire right side of my head with any movement, causing my ever-active imagination to think that I have bruised my brain and will probably die in my sleep from a hemorrhage. Well, I survived the night, and only made it through a Monday at work by taking multiple Advil's. And now I am lying here, in pain. But at least I have a burnless hand!


Jesse Mendez said...

very nice soooo I would like to invite you to visit and become friendly with me at my art blog.

I hope you will come by and enjoy the variety of labels, and music videos and experiences as lived here in San Diego.

Great and hope to hear from you soon... see ya

Taumi said...

Ah, you rattles your brain a little too much in your spazzing?

The verification this time was knotglot! hehe