Sunday, November 30, 2008

Movie Review Time

I liked it. It's a feel good movie with some milder humor.

Much different than I thought it would be. It was a good kids movie. But personally I thought it was a bit dull.

I love Matthew Perry, but Numb is dumb.

I never read Nancy Drew, but I actually liked this movie! If for no other reason than how cute she is in this picture, running in her self-sewn vintage inspired clothing.

A very good movie, but depressing and not one I would watch over and over.


vmc said...

Haha, "Numb is dumb." The cover of that movie makes it look like a comedy. And that pic from the Nancy Drew movie (with her running) makes me laugh! I forgot about that movie, I'll have to add it to Netflix.

Taumi said...

Wow! Did you watch all of those since you got back! You went movie crazy! I think it's funny that there are more kids/teen movies on here than adult ones...hehe

Lyndsey said...

Haha, no! I've watched these over a couple of months!