Monday, December 1, 2008

Tyra Banks annoys me to no end...

But I still love America's Next Top Model!
This is the only winner that I have actually rooted for from the beginning.
Contrary to that photo, she was such a sweet girl.

Last season, my pick for the win was the runner up.

She had the most ridiculous accent though. This is the ONLY picture that I liked of the actual winner that season.

Other random photos that I liked
(can't remember this girls name, but she won a season. I thought she was kind of plain)
This girl was really pretty. I think she was russian or something, but she didnt make it very far.
This girl tried out one season and got cut, only to come back on another season and win. She was kinda cool.
And now for this season.
I didnt care for this girl, but I liked this picture. The judges always called her hootchie. And I kinda agreed.

This was the hunchback french girl. She was okay, but really really really annoying.

I didnt care for these girls, but I liked this photo shoot.
This girl was not destined to be a fashion model because she is too girl-next-door pretty. But I liked her still and every once in a while she would suprise me and do a cool photo like this one.
But here is my pick for the win, and also who ended up in second place. She was kinda dull to look at regularly, and she can't walk on a runway, but she was really good in almost every photo shoot.


Chris J said...

quick question. how did you get your hit counter to be at the bottom of the page?

Miriam said...

I liked Sam a ton, and Analeigh even more. Azriel really wanted Sam to win and both of us are upset about McKey. Oh well.

Taumi said...

That first pic of Sam where she looks like she is in a GAP ad (shoot without wardrobe an make-up/hair) is my favorite of her. I really did like her too but she really can't walk a runway! But I still rooted for MeKey.