Thursday, December 25, 2008

I wonder how much money this adds up to...

Okay, here are the clothes. It's not even recent anymore! These were the purchases made just before California and in California.
The first few shots are headless because I was not very presentable that day.
Here's the Peace shirt I tried to describe (wrinkly and all...)
Plaidy Plaid Plaid.

The red wig that a bought back in the early fall. I had to throw it in this blog too :)
The new audrey hepburnesque dress.

And then I got carried away.

I almost made this a headless shot because of my "duh" expression.

Alrighty, any questions on where the items are from, just ask and I'll try to remember.


vmc said...

Ok, WHERE do I start? You look GORGEOUS in black and white, I first have to say. I just love that orange dress on you, too (at least my computer screen says it's orange anyway!). You look SO serious in that Audrey dress, so I'm glad you put in the wild crazy pics right after it, haha! I love those pics! And that outfit is really cute, too. Plaid looks good on you...and in that first plaid pic, you look like a mannequin, hahaha!

And the wig. Love it.


Taumi said...

I wanna know where all of it is from! lol Oh man, I love everything so much! Love both plaid shirts and that orange dress is fab! I love how you styled the audrey dress; I want to see those shoes closer. Love the crazy pics and that outfit! Gray tights are a personal fave of mine too. And love that billowy black and white top with the skinny black jeans! Oh why don't we live closer together so we could go out looking fabulous together?! sigh

P.S. your beautiful