Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Christmas...Over so very fast.

I can't remember the last time we took a family picture, but at least I remember the reason why its been so long. SOMEBODY doesnt cooperate.

The dogs were in their costumes. Poor Dylan though, he couldnt see past his hood most of the time.

The first gifts we opened were from my dad who said "These were actually from last year, but I forgot to give them to you guys."
They were these slingshot christmas creatures (frosty, rudolph and santa) that sang carols and wished you a merry christmas after they slammed into you.

I got a present from Tony Romo!
And it was this awesome gift! (sorry the color isnt that great)
Jeremy bought my dad this brick for the NEW stadium. This is a copy of the one that is actually going to be a part of the new Dallas stadium.

My mom, hugging her new bread machine.

That was all on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day, I donned my new socks (thanks Taumi!) and we had Christmas dinner.

My favorite dish...

And from last saturday night, watching the last game ever played in the old Dallas stadium. And we lost :( But not nearly as bad as we lost tonight...

So it was a very merry christmas! And very much infested with the Dallas Cowboys, but thats the way we like it!


vmc said...

Oh man, Lyndsey...I felt bad for you earlier today, but now after reading your blog I feel even WORSE...poor Cowboys! :(

But, hey, how about those Vikings? Eh?

Oh, and I like that comment on your very first pic, hehe...

Taumi said...

Jeremy, Jeremy! I just realized I forgot if he spells it that way or with an ie.

I love that your ketchup bottle gets pride of place on your centerpiece table runner!

Cute socks. ;)