Thursday, January 1, 2009


The past year...

January- I can't remember that far away. But I'm pretty sure it was cold and icy. So I was probably sad.

February- I bought my first car. Well, its not my first car, but its my first car that I bought. Yes, Udy was a trooper. And he handled snow very well. But he did not handle starting, and many other things that are expected of cars. And Uditty, well not quite as good in snow. But who really cares when there are heated seats?

March- I housesat and dogsat a dog that shed more than any other dog I've ever met. Also, this dog liked to sleep on the bed with me, which is fine because it was a strange house. However, this dog fell off the bed when it was sleeping and sounded like a sack of potatoes when it hit the floor. And not only that, but then it didnt move. So of course I thought, "crap! the dog died!" But it was alive, just lazy. So I picked up the 70 some pound potatoe sack and put it back on the bed. Longer story short...the dog fell on the floor again later that same night.
April- Malachi and I went on a cruise. Very awesome. We were sick alot. And the hot tub ended up being a lukewarm tub of misery. And I broke my camera. But none of that compares to the hiking and sun and blue water and just everything else.

May-Malachi and I went to the Kalahari water park with Taumi and Stephen. Pretty darn fun, but also quite cold! And I even went on a slide without a raft, which I typically am not a fan of.

June- Malachi and I participated in Relay for Life for the first time. I walked for the cure, but specifically for my grandma who is a survivor. And Malachi and I walked for a very very very long time. We were definitely ready for bed when we done, and we didnt even walk until the finish. The same day as the walk, I turned 25. Malachi bought me tickets to A Midsummer Nights Dream, which I fell in love with, at the new Guthrie. That was a great birthday gift!

July- I think I just worked alot this month. Even on the 4th of July. In fact, on the 4th I woke up and went to work, left early, met my parents at the parade, went back and finished work, then went to watch the fireworks at the Fed that night...went to work again the next morning and then the next day and the next day and so on...

August- Nik and Angie got married. The first one of us group kids to tie the knot. Exciting and weird all at once. And I dont think my parents or I will ever forget the wonderful 24 hour drive there, or the twice as nice 24 hour drive home (though I swear the drive home was closer to 56 hours...)

September- I house and dogsat in a ritzy neighborhood and got tennis elbow from playing fetch with the dog.

October- Malachi and I have been dating for 4 years at this point. My dogs dogs turned 2 years old. And Malachi and I transformed into Mario and Luigi for Halloween and had a good time saying "It's a me! A Luigi!"

November- I flew out west to the desert to hang with my 3 best friends. We had a "gay" ole time at Manhattan in the Desert and ventured into the city of angels with incredible success at avoiding trouble.

December- I went to Chicago and saw Preeti for the first time in a year and a half and had a great time catching up with her by swapping clothes, sharing physical therapy stories, and doing a little gossip as well. Then my brother came home for christmas. And its always so good to see him and have the whole family together.
Malachi and I started a new, dare I say tradition, last year. In January (or late December) we each picked 12 things to do that year for a total of a whopping 24 "Things to Do". We were not very successful last year, but we can call it a rough draft. This year we will be better!

Things we DID do in 2008:

After crashing a wedding and walking up to locked doors a couple times, we FINALLY made it into the Basilica. It was pretty cool, but a little too quiet. It would be cool to see a concert or something there.

We hit up the Luxury home tour and werent impressed with the lack of yard space, but I could get used to living in one of those houses.

We traveled up north and toured the Glensheen mansion. It's so cool, but I think my favorite part was just hanging out with my parents and Malachi. Oh, and experiencing very very cold water.

As previously mentioned, we went to a water park, the Kalahari to be exact.

Yes, we wanted to stuff our mouths with grapes and see how many we could fit. I think it was 15 each. And I'm suprised that we fit the same amount.

We made snow angels. That was an easy one. (however, we didnt get a picture of it, but this is from the same day)

We made cookies, sugar/dairy free. And they were really crumbly. Must perfect recipe.

Ah, who could ever forget the bike trail that nearly killed Malachi and I? Maybe these pictures will refresh your memories.

And so maybe we didn't build a snowman, but the snow elephant was awesome!

Things we failed to accomplish in 2008:

  • Snowboard
  • Sailing
  • Lay out under stars (unless you count camping, but thats not what we meant)
  • Camp near lake superior
  • Play music together
  • Sledding
  • Ride horses
  • Morel mushroom hunt
  • Finish bible
  • Kayak
  • Horse polo classic
  • Herman monument
  • Tennis (I honestly cannot believe we never got around to this)
  • Christian concert
  • Learn a dance

Ya, so we did pretty bad. But I've got a good feeling about 2009. I think its gonna be a great year! And our list of 24 things to do is all ready to go and be done. And I'm even excited about my New Years Resolutions! I hope everyone had fun bringing in the New Year!


vmc said...

You had such a fun, full year! And that list of stuff you DIDN'T do...don't feel bad, that's a lot of flippin' stuff! I'd be more surprised (and wonder if your place of birth isn't actually Krypton) if you actually DID do all of that stuff!

Taumi said...

I love that story about the dog falling of the bed! Is he dead? lol And that pic of you hugging the ginormous snowball is pretty darn funny too.

Love your tradition...I think I may try to get Stephen into that one. Are some of your last years undone ones hitting your new list? And what were your New Years Resolutions? Man, I am nosy.

I agree with Vanessa...for the average full time worker and full time student that is a lot of stuff you did. Great job having fun!

Miriam said...

Azriel just yelled "WHOA! They made a snow elephant! Who does that!? (in a complimentary way)"
I concur.

by the way, your year was HUGE!