Monday, March 2, 2009


This month has been really busy. And not in a resolution kind of way.

  • I've been to church once this month. However, I have kept up with listening to sermons on the off weekends. Therefore, PASS.
  • Wow, I forgot that drinking water was even a resolution. And all I can say is that I really need to do better, especially sleeping under this electric blanket every night. I wake up every morning completely sucked dry of water. How's that for a disturbing mental picture? FAIL.
  • I did good with the new recipes resolution. Let's see here, I made enchiladas, quesadillas and taco soup for a mexican night. I also made malachi some cupcakes again, which isnt a new recipe, but I tried to make the frosting different. That was a major disaster. Regardless, PASS.

  • Well, Malachi and I read the bible one night. So atleast we are on our way to getting finishing the bible! PASS.
  • I have kept up with working out. I only missed one day (due to going to Oklahoma). But I feel like I made that day up easily with the two times I went snowboarding this month. PASS.
  • I didnt work on my scrapbook at all this month. I looked at it once to try to decide what part I wanted to work on, but I must have gotten distracted. FAIL.
  • Revising the old scrapbooks is still a Pass AND Fail.
  • I've paid tithe! Yay!! PASS.
  • I didnt write anything this month. Well, except for that February poem, haha. I'd forgotten about that. But as small and not too incredible as that was, I'm still counting it. PASS.
  • Havent picked up the violin this month unfortunately. FAIL.
  • Havent done any spanish studying this month either. FAIL.
  • I've kept up with taking a photo every day. PASS. Although one day I forgot to take a picture until after I went to bed. Then I remembered, turned on the light, and took the picture then went to bed. Thus this picture of the day:
    Here are a few other daily pictures...

Incredibly, and I'm not sure how, I did better this month with 7 passes to 4 fails. I was thinking that I'd only have about 2 passes. Haha. Anyways, february was an interesting month. Work was a bit of an extra stress, but I was able to participate in many ways to distract myself from stress. Going to oklahoma, learning how to snowboard, celebrating Jeremy into 28, Malachi into 26 and my mom into...well, I'm not allowed to say. It's a number to really celebrate, but she says she's 39. As for March. Thank the Lord that it is March! Even though it is still quite a ways til warm weather, it's at least the downhill part now. We are coasting towards summer. What does this month hold for me? Not too terribly much. More snowboarding I hope, I have another continuing ed class, and Malachi, his parents, my parents and I are all going to a dinner theater together at the end of the month! Oh ya, and who could forget, the first day of SPRING!!!


Taumi said...

Love the Love picture. Did you come up with that or copy it? I don't mean to call you out on it, I just feel like I've seen it before! lol, whatever the case, it's still really cute. Actually maybe I'll steal it and put it on my dining room wall...

Dinner theatre sounds like great fun. I wish I did as much as you. I'm just so cheap...I would rather spend money on clothes or something for my house than being entertained and I feel cheap for that. I really wanted to see the Pajama Game at the Lied but couldn't everyone I know is even cheaper than me. Oh, well.

Lyndsey said...

Haha, ya I did steal it. I want to recreate alot of pictures that I've seen, and so on days that I didnt take a picture of something I saw that day, and if I have time, then I create pictures for the day. And ya, sometimes I spend money on clothes instead of events. But I try to mix it up a little, because it's always nice to have something to look forward to. It keeps me sane!

Miriam said...

you are ama-za-zing