Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Now all I need is the house...

In reference to Taumi's blog, here are my results to the quiz!

67% French Eclectic

This suprised me actually. But I guess I do like that "casual, classy" feel. And I've always tried to make me "spaces to feel inviting from the moment you (or your guest) opens the front door".

And when I read that there are "rustic country elements" it seemed a little less suprising to me. I tend to drift towards the rustic, but still pretty, styles.

33% Traditional Country

This one was alot less suprising. I love quilts and coziness and wood, but I also like it to be light and airy. I really do "love spaces that feel casual and lived in. Furniture is practical and comfortable, and yet at the same time its very stylish." Always my goal is to make "Each space in the home seems to invite friends and family to come in and stay a while." And my ultimate goal is that "There is a true sense of home felt throughout."

Overall, I was suprised at first with my results, but probably because I've never really thought about what real styles I may drift towards. Just my own labels I guess. But now, I think the results make alot of sense!


Anonymous said...

I actually took this test a few times and got the traditional country on one them too, I think it would be the more practical version of what I like.

Vanessa said...

Yup, seems to suit you!

I like the architecture of that second room... can you tell if the walls are painted brick? I love the row of tall windows.

Taumi said...

I think I should have gotten some French Eclectic in mine but, of course I am drawn to many styles like most people. That's what is so great because the way we mix them is truly unique to us. I am glad we are all at least a little bit different. Makes it more fun to visit each other's homes.