Friday, March 6, 2009

Poor little Daisy had surgery today (a tooth taken out).
I didnt think it was necessary, I mean, the tooth didnt look like it was causing any problems. But my dad is kind enough to take the little guys to the vet whenever they need to go. And he said he wouldnt take them anymore unless I have this surgery done because he doesnt want to deal with the vet's nagging. So of course Daisy has to pay the price (painwise, and I have to quite literally).
At the moment she is very drugged up and seems to be in pain. She'll follow me around crying every so often. And she just wants to be held. Poor baby.


Miriam said...

awww, that just made me stinkin' sad

Taumi said...

me too...she's so cute that she wants to be held though.

Anonymous said...

I almost teared up, I hate it when animals and kids are in pain, because they can't understand it. Poor baby.