Saturday, March 21, 2009

sabbath thought

I was listening to a sermon a few weeks ago by Karl Haffner. He was telling about when he was in Alaska once. He said he was speaking to a random man in a Sam's Club who asked where he was from. Pastor Karl said "Walla Walla" and expected to hear the normal response of laughter or disbelief at such a ridiculous name. Instead, the man said "There are alot of Seventh Day Adventists in that town."
Pastor Karl, "You must be Adventist?"
The man, "No. Well, actually I guess. You see I went there once. And a bunch of my friends and I got baptized into the church on a dare. So I guess I'm still a member of the church."
Pastor Karl then said in his sermon "That made me think, how similar is his story to many of ours?"

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Taumi said...

Weird and sad...