Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Travel Calendar

There are so many places I want to go, but here are 4 that have a deadline.
**2009/2010 - Visit Ryan and Vanessa in New Zealand.**

**Winter 2010 - Go to the Vancouver Olympics (to see Ono!)**
**June 2011 - Class reunion at the Eiffel Tower in Paris**

**Summer 2012 - Go to London to see the Olympics and the theater**

Looks like I'm obsessed with the Olympics, right? Well, I am. Haha. But also, Malachi and I decided to go see the next summer olympics while we watched the olympics this year. Then we found out that the winter olympics were in Vancouver AND that Ono is gonna be back, so we had to add that on as well. So there you go, my travel itinerary!


Vanessa said...

SOMEBODY's making doctor money! Hahaha!

I'm mad at you... you have made me so happy and excited that you plan on coming to NZ, that I'm equally afraid now that you won't! :) You can't disappoint me now!!! You and Malachi HAVE to come! We're already talking about what we're gonna do when you guys get there, hehe. We'll have to talk more about this in email... :)

Taumi... eh? Eh? (elbowing you)

Taumi said...

Actually that sounds mighty appealing to me and Stephen has always wanted to go to NZ. I was hoping to catch you guys in Greece though... Anyway, I'll need plenty of time to save so don't just up and decide to go one day Lyndsey!

Lyndsey said...

Well, my goal is to go this winter. Ideally I could hit up the Olympics on a round-a-bout way there or back. So probably next february-ish. I'm saving up my time off and money. So far I have no money (just paid a beastly amount toward some bills) and a measely 8 hours of PTO. So you may be ahead of me! So don't worry, I'm not just up-and-going, I'm aiming toward feb 2010. Does that work for you V?