Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spoil me timbers!

Somehow I landed the best boyfriend in the world.

Malachi gave me an early birthday present. I know, really early, right?
See, I gave him a birthday present a month early, because he needed it ASAP. And so he used that same excuse on me. And then he goes and gets all super generous on me!

He went out and bought me everything I need and more for snowboarding.

He got me a snowboard, bindings, boots, mittens, wool socks, a fancy little screwdriver for adjustments, and a bag for my board (not pictured).
Pictured below are my boots. They don't have laces! I can get my boots nice and snug with minimal effort. Score!
Thank-you so much Malachi. This all was waaaay more than I deserved.


Kate said...

WOW, that's some guy you have, and he picked out such a pretty board too. By the way, my stupid blog got deleted, my own fault, but anyway, new one is up though.

RKC said...

Hey what kind of board, boots, and bindings did you get? And how long is your board? (these are the things that matter to me) I wish vanessa had a boyfriend that nice.

Lyndsey said...

Kate- Haha, I was wondering about that! I'm glad its back though.

Ryan- Hello! I almost put what everything was, but I figured you would be the only one who cared, and I didnt know if you would even see the blog! So I'll gladly inform you, my board is a Ride Promise I believe it is a 151, but I can't remember for some reason. It has a 4000 base, I know that. We got it on clearance at REI, but here is the ride website with all the details:
my boots are Vans with a BOA lacing system. The bindings are Burton and they are the type that go over the tips of my toes. And since my bindings are Burton, we discovered that only a Burton bag will work (ya learn something knew every day), so my bag is Burton.

Taumi said...

Very generous man you got there. I wish Stephen liked outdoor sports. Why did I have to be one of those tomboy girls and up and marry a girly-man? hehe, don't tell him I said that! Maybe someday you can teach me to snowboard?

RKC said...

I once had some vans boots, back in 1997. But I do have to say that your settup is better than mine, and if your board is a 151, there is only one cm difference (mine is a 152). Ride, Burton, and vans boots, quite nice. Oooh-ooh-ooh, I also have a burton bag, but not because I have burton boots, because it was cheap. Tell me how the toe bindings and BOA boots work. I have heard good and bad about the BOA.

Miriam said...

Wowee! Awesome!