Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hors de Prix

I just watched this movie. It's an Audrey Tautou film and it's in french.

It's a modern day Breakfast at Tiffany's. And I gotta say, I really did like it.

The leading man starts out a bit geeky, but he gains some cool as the movie goes on.

And Audrey dresses so cute in the movie, so props to her for that.

I love this picture. They are both very drunk at this moment and not saying a thing to eachother. Their drunk faces crack me up.

This is the "priceless" point in the movie.

Here is the trailer in french. I didnt like any of the subtitled or dubbed trailers, so if you're really curious, go ahead and search youtube for yourself, but I think you're better off just watching the movie instead (it's available on netflix to watch instantly).


Vanessa said...

Good, I'm glad you posted about this movie! It's been on my netflix queue for so long now but I always keep bumping it down just because you never really know what you're getting with an audrey tatou movie, haha! I will make sure it finds its way up to the top now :)

Taumi said...

I watched this from netflix on the instant list a couple months or so back and I loved it too. It also has beautiful macarons! I had no idea it was supposed to be a breakfast at tiffany's remake...makes sense kinda. I loved that male actor. I didn't find him that attractive at first, but as you go on you get sucked in to his eyes. Those kind of guys are my favorite because their not obvious.