Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Let's Date

A few weeks ago Malachi and I went out to eat at Spoonriver in Minneapolis.
Malachi's meal:

My meal:

My hot date (either rocking out to the music or wanting to duke it out, I'm not sure.)

While we were there, I went to the bathroom. When I walked in, this is what I saw. And I thought, how quaint! A little knob on the top of the toilet. But when I went to flush it, there was no flusher. And then I looked an that knob again, and thought. hmmm. I wonder.

Yup, the knob was indeed the flusher.
(do not fear, all photos were taken of clean water, no bodily fluids were involved)

Then we went across the street to catch a show at the guthrie. I had 50% off coupons from my Pioneer Press e-mails.
Unfortunately, Malachi was feeling a little ill, so we needed to leave at intermission, but it was an interesting play nonetheless. It was "Two Gentlemen from Verona" the shakespeare play. However, it was performed as though we were at a recording of the play in a studio in the 50's. It was pretty cool. They even had old fashioned looking cameras recording everything and being shown on the two tv screens to either side, in "Leave it to Beaver" B&W quality.
Before the show, checking out the skyline.


Vanessa said...

I guess I just added my comment for this blog with my comment for the last blog. The part of wanting to hang out with you guys!

Miriam said...

you guys are cool and do such cool things!

Taumi said...

That food looks tasty. Malachi looks quite good against salmon pink! And I want to see that play!