Sunday, April 26, 2009

The North Shore

Last weekend, Malachi and I went up to the north shore. We stayed in Two Harbors at Superior Shores.

This is us at the beginning of our adventure.

We had an awesome room. It had a fireplace!

And this was our view!

We played a few games throughout our time there. I recently bought this hangman book, which I think was our favorite game we played. I mean, what a cool idea!
And we played some weird Scrabble card game. It was mediocre.
And then there's Stumblebum. It's an odd charade game.
But totally hilarious to see Malachi act out 'jumping jacks' when he has to stand on one leg and keep his fingers crossed.

On Friday evening, after alot of exploring (I'll get more into that in a future blog), we walked down by the lake at our hotel. It was such a beautiful day.

The sunset made for some great photo opportunities.

Malachi was skipping rocks and definitely showing me up on skill level.

Nice form!
Can you find me in this picture? I know, I know. I am such a good hider. Don't feel bad if you don't see me. I'm a chameleon.


Kate said...

Beautiful, I'm so jealous, Shane and I went up there for our honeymoon and wish we could go back sometime:(

Vanessa said...

What a wonderful little vacation! Don't you just love staying in hotels? It's awesome that yours had a fireplace. And the lake looks so beautiful...

Taumi said...

Stumblebum? That name alone is hilarious! Looks like a fun vacay. I want one...