Saturday, May 30, 2009

AAAHHHHH! Just let me rid myself of this insanity!
What am I talking about? Well, lets start at the beginning, shall we? Approximately 4 years ago, a friend of mine said "Lyndsey! You should join Myspace! It's so much fun!" And I thought, sure, why not. So I did. I was not too sure about this new world of 'networking', so I used my least-used e-mail address (*** to avoid spam. Time went on and my friends on this silly, yet addicting, site grew and grew. I was reaquainted with old pals. I was able to connect with far away friends. I could share photos, express myself in blogs. The world was at my fingertips!

Then, approximately 3 years ago, a friend said to me, "Lyndsey! You should try Facebook! It's so much better than Myspace!" And so, being the impressionable young girl that I was, I signed up. I signed up as Lyndsey Dooley and had a heck of a time changing that later on, but thats another (and less interesting, if you can believe it) story.

So life went on. I neglected Facebook as I had quickly realized that no, it is in fact not better than myspace in any shape or form, and much less private, in all shapes and forms. However, some spell had been cast over everyone on this earth that I knew. This spell is much like the one that is fooling people currently into thinking Twitter is not a complete waste of time, but actually enjoyable. Yes, everyone I knew was being tricked into thinking Facebook trumped Myspace. And this led to the rest of us being forced, kicking and screaming, over to Facebook. Because social networking doesnt work when you are the only one there.

Now dont get me wrong, I'm over that. Because honestly, I dont really care about either of those sites, I've got my blog :)

What I am not over (because I can't accomplish this seemingly simple task) is that I can't get out of Myspace! I decided a little over a month ago to officially end my relationship with Myspace. I sent out the courtesy bulletin. I changed my picture to say that I was leaving, in case everyone was like me, and doesnt read bulletins. And I had decided that as soon as I get Microsoft Word on my computer (windows vista likes to make its users suffer by not including word, which is the thing that really bothers me about my dear yellow computer), I would save all of my past blogs onto word, because I like them, and then delete my account.

Are you following me? I know, this is alot of rambling, but I thought I owed you more of a wordy/venting blog after my many many photo blogs!

So, I got word on my computer this week (an early birthday present from the parents). And this morning I copied all of my blogs over to word. Then I fairly easily found the "Cancel Account" button at myspace. I clicked it. I'm sent to a page where I must select a reason for leaving. I do and click "cancel account" again. A pop-up appears trying to help me find more friends as though the reason I'm leaving is because I can't find a single person in the world to add to my friend list. I close that and click the cancel button...again. Yes, this is somewhat annoying me, but not enough to get too worked up over. This here, what follows, is the reason why I'm in a bad mood right now!!!!

I'm sent to another page that tells me they are e-mailing me and I must follow the instructions in the e-mail to cancel my account. I go check my 1st hotmail account. Nothing. I check my 2nd account. Nothing. I think, maybe it took a while, and go back to my 1st. Nothing. I think, oh ya, I probably have Myspace linked to that old 'excite' e-mail. I go to (for the first time since probably highschool) and assume that the beginning of my e-mail address is my ID. I'm very proud of myself because I guess my password withing 3 tries (I was much less creative back then). What's this? My e-mail has been de-activated? Okay, I have to punch in my password again and it re-activates my e-mail. That was easy enough. Obviously I must go resend my cancellation. Did that, nothing. Check to make sure thats the right e-mail address, it is. Hmm. Now what? Well, maybe I can go change my e-mail address in myspace to my 1st hotmail one. I trot on over and do that. But wait, they sent a confirmation request to my excite e-mail, to make sure it was okay to change my e-mail. Just as I suspected, I'm still not receiving e-mail at that site. So now what? Now I'm annoyed! That's what!

Myspace is holding me hostage, and I have no idea how I can escape!


Miriam said...

WOW. That absolutely stinks. And I have no idea how to help you out of that one except to delete everything you have off of there - pics, blogs, layout, info - and then go on with your life until you can get it sorted out. That's so bunk.

RKC said...

Wow, that is rough. I think I am going to keep myspace as an address book, just never get caught up in facebook and stick to the blog. I will also leave twittering to the birds.

Vanessa said...

Easy. Just shoot your computer. Boom. Done.

(By the way, I love your rants.)


Taumi said...

I can totally relate to being held hostage by myspace since I have two accounts on there just because my first account seemingly changed its password by itself and refuses to let me in and no number of idiot tech support people can figure it out. So, I can't delete my old one since it stole my identity forcing me to start a new e-mail account so I could make a new myspace. I just left it alone. Who cares. It was set to private so only my friends can look at it and I am hoping that myspace deletes accounts if they are dormant after a certain number of years. Fingers crossed.

Kate said...

Amen, if it wasn't for some people I never would talk to otherwise I would totally get rid of facebook, because I, like you, didn't understand why everyone liked facebook so much better than myspace, but I also made the switch because thats where everyone was! Although, I didn't have a problem deleting myspace, how annoying, call them, I think they have a number somewhere. Message Tom. Anyway, I feel your pain, good luck.