Monday, June 8, 2009

Galactic Pizza!

On date night, Malachi and I went on a...

"Galactic Date" at Galactic pizza in uptown.
It's kinda cool because every single menu item offers a vegetarian option or even a vegan option. We got some vegan bruchetta. It was my first experience with vegan cheese. And I gotta say, I'm not a fan.

One of the main reasons we went is because they offer something rare and special on their menu. Morel mushrooms! When we got there I asked our waiter, "Do you still have morels?"
"Sure!" he replied as though that was a ridiculous question, "we are only out of basil".
It's my own fault, I should have known then. But no, we both jumped on the morel train and said, put some on my pizza!!!

But let me tell you. I've had dried morels before, and these had been dehydrated --> rehydrated. Yuck. Why would you do that to such a wonderful thing? So instead of heavenly morels. We had cardboard mushrooms. Oh well, the rest was good, and it was an interesting place.

The delivery boys wear galactic outfits (which resemble super hero outfits assembled from a goodwill shopping spree). And supposedly they drive little galactic cars, but we didnt get to see any of those.
The place was small and kinda cute. But again, very small, this was seriously half of the place:
Three cheers for date night!


Vanessa said...

Good to hear that not even plastic cheese or cardboard mushrooms can ruin date night, hahaha! :)

Taumi said...

Your hair is so long! and I have to say that I love soy cheese! You just have to get the right stuff!I put it in stuff all the time and no one can tell the difference.

Kate said...

I have to agree with Taumi, soy cheese is great, although many times, not completely vegan, we did find a good rice cheese though. Anyhow, date night sounds so fun, wish that Shane and I did that. That place looked super cute and fun, I want to go there.