Wednesday, June 10, 2009

May (was a while ago)

It's so far into June that I should almost just review May AND June! Anyways, May was a weird month as far as resolutions go. And I have a feeling that that is the beginning of a trend for summer months. Because when warm weather comes, life changes. For the better, but resolutions definitely take a back burner. (Farther back than the back burner they already seemed to dwell on). So lets get started!

This month I succeeded in:
Going to church, Making a new recipe, and Writing. And...that's it.
Did I suck or what! Anywho, here are a couple pictures of my chickpea soup, "home fries", and rosemary focaccia (or what my dad said upon seeing the rosemary... "Uh, why is this bread so hairy?")

And I did not do so hot with:
Drinking water, Reading the bible, Working out, Scrapbook, Revising the old scrapbooks, Tithe, Violin, Spanish, and Taking a photo every day.
I know, I know. I screwed up the whole year because I actually missed ONE day of taking pictures. Don't worry, I'm still gonna continue with it (as though you were actually worried, haha.) But regardless, here are a couple from the month:

So there is May, the start of warm weather. And about the not working out. Honestly I have just been so busy with projects around the house (the deck, the garden, just plain old being outside) that I feel like I am getting my exercise. I know its not ideal, but I'm content with it, and will continue to not stress about working out until this fall. Because until then, I can hike, ride bike, squat for 3 hours straight while pulling weeds. But ya, may. I hardly even remember what I did! It seemed like a blur. But thats okay, I know that it was a good month and thats all that really matters. As for June, how I love June! Its definitely my favorite month, and I'm not even gonna pretend that that doesnt have anything to do with the fact that my birthday is snuggled up into June. But it is the start of Malachi and I camping, Taumi and Stephen are coming at the end of the month for lots of adventure-having, Malachi and my dad and my are going to a St. Paul Saints game, and it's just plain warmer outside! I mean, I can wake up grumpy, but then I think "It's June!" And I get all happy again.


Vanessa said...

Go June! I laughed so hard about the "hairy bread" comment, that was so funny! And it's good to "see" you on the blog again... I was wondering if the earth swallowed you up!

RKC said...

I just ate a yummy supper that Vanessa just made, (egg plant in tomato sauce) and I would still have some of thoes potatos and bread if it were in front of me.

Taumi said...

June is my favorite month too! That chickpea soup looks good. Recipe? As for rosemary on bread, I love it!