Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally Camping in 2009!

This weekend Malachi and I went camping!
I have this book called The Best In Tent Camping in MN. And we thought we'd pick a site out of there to try out. Well, maybe better luck next time? Haha, no, it wasnt that bad. But when we pulled up it was like we were on display with how little privacy our site had. But that wasnt soo bad. I mean, it was entertaining to watch the woman at the site next to us try to cut off her hand. Well, at least it looked like she was trying to, or else why would she be slinging that axe at the block of wood her hand was on? I actually had to cover my eyes. But no, the worst thing, and the reason why I will never go back to this site, was that trains went by the camp site about every 15 to 20 minutes that first night. And they apparently had to blow their whistle twice every time. It was so loud. Like a plane, or a helicopter flying around camp all night, occaisionally honking. And not consistent enough to sleep through, just random enough to let you barely get to sleep before it happened again. Here is a picture of the train (can you see it?):

What? You think that's too far to be annoying? Oh well, you are kind of right. That was the train on the east of our campsite, the one on the west was much closer, but we could hear them both quite well. Yes, yes that's what I said. There were two trains. We were camped in the middle of two trains. Who knew trains even ran that much anymore?
Okay, I'll stop complaining. Now on to random tidbits from the trip:
Here is a duck that was flying around like his tail was on fire or something.

That is, until he dove into this hole in this tree. Did you guys know that ducks live in trees?
I sure didn't.
Does this church look familiar to anyone? Vanessa? Ryan?

Well, we went for a drive around Lake Pepin on saturday and I tried my luck at remembering where that A to Z pizza place was. And I found it! Didn't even take one wrong turn! I am very impressed with myself.
We just drove by because I wanted to show Malachi what the place looked like. He was hoping that the owners would run out to the road and say "Hey! We want to give you pizza today!" But that sadly didnt happen.

We also had a lazy couple of hours down at the beach. That was a big plus of this campsite. We were just a few steps from the beach!

And here is just a picture of a little friend that came to visit us saturday evening.

So despite the sleepless nights, a sudden attack of pretty bad allergies for me, and the fact that I forgot chocolate for my smores, it was a fun and beautiful weekend!

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Taumi said...

Looks like fun, except for the horrible trains all night! Two trains?! You have a right to complain!