Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two movies I recently saw and loved...
The cartoon short at the beginning of the film would have been satisfying enough with how absolutely sweet it was, but then the movie starts and follows suit. I really loved it. And I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud at a cartoon. "Squirrel!"

Oh my freaking goodness. I thought this would be another dumb American Pie-esque movie. And it's close, but soo much better. It's so hilarious. Warning: There is lots of female AND male nudity. And lots of swearing too. And the little asian dude is only funny when he's naked, other than that his part is pretty cheezy. But besides all of that, I was laughing so hard during that movie. I actually think I got exhausted from just laughing. And I can't tell you about any of it, because the shock factor is part of the humor. Anyways, if your morals arent too high, I would definitely recommend this movie.

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Taumi said...

If your morals aren't too What's that say about yours? haha

I saw "Up" but for some reason I was so tired that night that I could barely stay awake for the middle to end so I know I need to see it again. I don't even remember a squirrel.