Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday I turned 26. We decided to go to Como Zoo to see some beautiful beasts, but you all know what really went down! Yes, yes indeed. As Beyonce would say it... he liked it, and so he put a ring on it!

He took me to the conservatory. Wasn't it such a beautiful day?
And here is the spot! On the other side of the fencing is a waterfall into a pond. It's so pretty.

And here is a picture of the pond.

Wanna see the ring?

What? You can't make it out? Don't worry, there are quite a few pictures below...

But don't forget, we were at the zoo, so let's see some animals!

This guy right here was my buddy. (Reminds me of Marvin the Monkey)

The lions were really sleepy.

Malachi's favorite was the Giraffe.

And I like the colors (or lack thereof?) in this picture.
Zebra's are so cool.

These guys were pretty humongous.
Flamingos! I love seeing live flamingos. Seeing all of those lawn ornaments makes me think that I dont like the bird, but then I see a living one and it reminds me that I do like these birds, and they are cool. Just not in plastic.
But back to the point...I'M ENGAGED!!!
No we don't have a place or a date or an anything yet. But we do have eachother, promised for forever. The rest will come shortly and I will keep you all updated!


Kate said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Congradulations! I'm so happy for you guys! Beautiful day, skirt, and oh yeah, slamm'n ring!

Kate said...

oh, and happy birthday!

RKC said...


RKC said...

Yes, the ring is beautiful!!! And really, the weather looks like it couldn't have been any nicer :) I also really like that first zebra pic - very nice!

And Happy Birthday!

Taumi said...

Aw, cute. That first pic of you two looks like you are flicking off the camera. Pretty ring...he did good.

Miriam said...

so happy for you two! And the ring is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats my friend!