Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The St. Paul Saints

My dad and Malachi and I all went to a Saints game last tuesday. It was the first time tailgaiting for each of us.

I'm certainly not what one would refer to as a baseball fan.

But Saints games are a little different.

I mean, just take these eye balls for example. They were running a race. Well, the "lazy eye" wasn't doing much running.

And this guy was hanging from this billboard for the entire game. Apparently he is a winner, but that's a contest I don't want to win.

And yes, that is our hospital's mascot, Petey the Pee-cup, next to him.
I like this picture of the lights.

We are cute.

Hi Dad!


Malachi said...

12-3 WHA WHA!!! Sioux Falls you need some new song birds cause we just decimated your Canaries

Taumi said...

What kind of baseball game was that! Crazy.