Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let's Back Track

I think we are all aware that I have not been blogging much lately. But I also think we are all aware that summer just gets that way, right? So I'm going to catch you up a tad on my recent happenenings. I'm trying not to duplicate any of Taumi's photos from when she blogged about visiting, but how could I resist from blogging about it as well? I had some of my besties here to stay with me for the weekend!
Taumers and The Stephenator got here friday evening (...last month). I unfortunately had to work that weekend so it wasnt until sabbath afternoon that we actually got to actually do anything! We went to Willow River State Park and hiked around the falls until our legs and feet complained. And when that happened, then we had to walk up the ginormous hill back to the car.
Thankfully there is a nice bench to stop at on the way up. And it's a perfect spot to snap a photo or two.
When we got home we just had to take the opportunity to play a little Ladder Golf!
That night we got all prettified and went out on the town. Downtown Hudson that is.
We went out to eat at a personal favorite spot, Brick's Neopolitan Pizza. Mmmm. I could go for some right about now.
Then we walked off our pizza by heading out to the pier.
On sunday, again, after work, grumble grumble (actually it wasnt so bad), we went out to the cities. We hit up Ikea.
Did some shopping at the MOA.
And then went Brit's Pub to watch Shakespeare on the Lawn.
It's a British Pub that has lawn bowling on it's rooftop. A pretty cool place, but I don't recommend sticking around to watch the play. We left early.
That night we all tried out the recommended Fluxx. What a crazy game! I'll have to get Malachi to play it again with me soon. And we did a little Mad-Libbing, ah, how I love going back to grade school :)
Then along rolled Monday. It was a cold day (suprising...) and rainy in the Dells, so we sadly changed plans of fun in the sun to head back to the cities and try out the Waterpark of America. But it was still a great time because we got to flip around in a few waterslides and hang out with Jonny and Alyssa. Oh, and their kitty, Honey.

Thank you for coming you guys! And maybe next time you come, Malachi and I will have our OWN place!


Taumi said...

yay, I can't wait to see you guys in your new place next time! And we gotta play some more ladder golf then. Deal?

LadderGolfFan said...

Hello everybody ..I am a big fan of Ladder golf..I generally encourage people to play Ladder golf at free times to be happy..I am happy to see you all enjoying the game..hope i can join you through this..